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The Best Friend of Man's Best Friend
is what the the Tucson Weekly recently named us and we couldn't be prouder. To read their article please click here.

Foster Application

Serving Pima County Arizona
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In order to become a foster parent/guardian we ask that you fill out this application. Please realize that when bringing home a new animal you must be responsible for the safety and actions of that animal. They do not know what is happening and need guidance and time to adjust. You must be able to supervise them and we cannot be liable for anything that gets chewed, etc. Please answer the following questions. Please understand that these animals are under Tucson Cold Wet Noses Fosters and under the legal guardianship of Tucson Cold Wet Noses until officially adopted. Thank you for your compassion and energy towards this important mission.

Name(s) of applicant(s)
Cell Number
Home Number
Home Address
Major Cross Streets
E-mail Address

Emergency contact

name and phone number

Have you fostered an animal before? Yes    No
Do you have pets of your own? Yes    No
Are any of these special needs pets? Yes    No

Are you willing to foster an animal until it is adopted

(several weeks to several months) ?

Yes    No
Will you make the pet available for adoption events? Yes    No
Will you transport the animal to the vet if needed? Yes    No
Do you have a fenced in yard with at least a 5 foot fence or wall? Yes    No
Please describe your yard and height of fence or wall.
Will you consider fostering an older dog (5-10 years old) ? Yes    No
Would you foster a dog from the county shelter's sick bay? Yes    No
If for any reason you are unable to continue to foster, would you notify Cold Wet Noses seven days in advance for CWN to find another foster location for this animal? (Are you willing to give Cold Wet Noses seven days in which to find a new foster home in the case of an unforeseen situation where you are no longer able to care of your foster? Foster homes are always full and it is not so easy for us to move an animal. If they are under a year old or sick they cannot go into a boarding facility.) Yes    No
Please let us know the activity level of your household. Mild    Moderate    Very Busy
How many people are in your household, including yourself?
How many are children below the age of 18?
Is there anyone in your household who has special needs or is alergic to cats and/or dogs? Yes    No
If yes, please explain.

What other animals are in your household?

Please list the breeds of your other pets.
Please list the genders of your other pets.
Which best describes your pets energy levels? High    Medium    Low
Please check the one that applies the most. Submissive    Dominant    Neither
Please explain your previous answer.
Do you have a crate? Yes    No
Have all your pets been vacinated? Yes    No
If needed, would you vaccinate your dogs against kennel cough? Yes    No
Are all of your dogs and/or cats spayed or neutered? Yes    No
If not, please explain.

Please share with us how you will be caring for your foster dog.
Where will the foster dog be kept during the day?
Where will the foster dog be kept at night?
If you rent, do you have permission from your landlord to foster a dog? Yes    No

Check any items below that you either have experience with or would like to learn.
 Obedience Training  Bottle Feeding  House Training
 Giving Medications  Crate Training Other 

All fosters must comply with the rules and policies of PACC, including the following:
  • Bucket or spill proof bowl for water
  • Leash Laws
  • Adequate covered shade when outside
  • Picking up feces daily

  • All fosters must keep precise records of your foster animals, which is the following:
  • Copy of Kennel Card
  • Medical History from PACC
  • Spay or Neuter certificate

  • All fosters are required to attend at least one event per month at
    PetSmart and must attend the annual animal fair in February.

    I understand that cold wet noses cannot and does not make any representation of warranties, either expressed or implied concerning the temperament, habit, health, pedigree, disposition, sex, or background of this animal and that TCWN's pays for all medical for the care of your foster dog. Please be aware if you take the foster to any other vet then TCWN's vet you will be responsible for payment. Furthermore, I understand that the animals' future reactions to me, my family, or any other persons are completely unpredictable because animals can have their own personalities. I also assume full responsibility to provide proper food, water, shelter, veterinary care, exercises, and a safe environment for this animal. Animals should never be left unattended in a motor vehicle at any time.

    In consideration of receiving this animal the adopting party hereby releases Cold Wet Noses, it's foster parents, and any employees from claims of liability to anyone for injuries or damage caused to them or their others property.

    By typing my initials here I agree to contact cold wet noses at least
    once a week at the phone # above,
    to keep them informed on the well
    being of the foster animal. I agree to do this every week the animal is in my care.